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People who live for today, who enjoy their days in a care-free manner, who are happy about the tiny flickers of life, who do not care about rules, tomorrow, conventions, expectations, are called half-witted.

Basically, they thumb their nose at all information, admonitions which come from the left hemisphere of the brain.

Let us simply think of the inhabitants of the Brazilian favelas who grin into the camera, of the toothless smile of the poor of Africa, or the continually loud inhabitants of gypsy camps.

They do not care about anything, they do not have the slightest intention to look for a job, they just enjoy life, because they obtain deep faith from the right hemisphere of the brain to trust that SOMEONE will fend for them.

Our planet has duality, equilibrium as its foundation, therefore it is self-evident that there must be a larger group who counter-balance the right-sidedness of the previously mentioned and who use ONLY their left hemisphere.

The left hemisphere of the brain is the center of logic, and those thinking on the left side think they are superior to the previous, right-sided group.

(In any case, this manifestation of human nature is a bit funny, that those who work, believe themselves cleverer than those who they support…

Of course, the supported groups are perfectly all right in that they “look down upon” their supporters, since while they are living their lives delightedly, the other group is constantly being called to account for their compliance to the rules…

The brain hemisphere which prefers rules, creates the dependence on rules, while the brain hemisphere possessing endless faith and imagination creates the exception to the rules, and freedom…

Everyone receives how he-she thinks, therefore everyone can in fact be satisfied.

Both group can be considered entirely justified if they look down upon the other one…

The problem is that with this, they are circulating the energies of PRIDE all the time, with which they anchor a situation, and make the birth of greater material wealth and well-being impossible.)

One can read at countless places about what the function of the left brain-hemisphere is, but for the sake of clarity, I would like to enumerate a couple attributes.

It builds the future on the unprocessed fears of the past, gets caught up on details, it is continually searching for the contradiction and logic in everything, it judges, and most importantly, it DOES NOT BELIEVE in anything and anyone but itself, though the majority do not believe in themselves, either, anymore.

Actually, it is HALF-WITTED, only on the other side.

For the sake of simplicity and clarity, I will call them left-half-witted in this writing.

Let us see a few examples which were the incentives of my material.

In these past days, my higher self has perceived somewhere that someone was denigrating me at length behind my back, because an entire row of related thoughts was swarming in my head.

I always sense when someone is circulating negative energy towards me, when they want to press me down, but I do not feel like investigating it all the time.

I do not waste time on that, sooner or later it is always revealed.

I “beat my brains out” regarding the fact that in our society, the majority of people are manipulating their relationships by inducing a guilty conscience.

I see a plethora of examples how certain people want to obtain energy by “picking on” others, by judging, they generate pity, a bad conscience.

No matter whether it is a love relationship or a parent-child relationship, blame, as an educational tool is considerably more popular than encouragement and trust.

GUILT is level 30 on the Emotional Table. The behavioral reaction is DESTRUCTION.

According to Hawkins, who created the table, almost 80 per cent of the inhabitants of the ex-socialist countries are staying on this level often.

Some continuously, others only for a few minutes, but blame, the generation of bad conscience are an endemic, no wonder the creation of better living circumstances is impossible, since people keep calling forth this destructive energy.

The more destructive energy is generated, the more there will be of people who have arrived indeed to DESTRUCT.

With each instance of generation of guilt, yet another migrant will cross the border to strengthen the energy of destruction, every time when we emotionally blackmail a loved one, yet another child is conceived who they will fend for from our taxes.

It does not even surprise me anymore, either, that the energy of emotional blackmail has appeared in advertisements as well, there are more and more spots where they are selling something by calling one to account, further generating the low level of consciousness.

But let us look at a story.

Clients of mine have re-appeared who I did not see for years.

I was very happy about them, it was interesting to see how much they developed, how much they changed.

After the two siblings, the husband of either one also asked for an appointment.

He had been engaged in spiritual things already back then, doing yoga and so on, I thought, an easy case at last, it will be a pleasure to work with him although due to this past, the man is more resistant to the things of the psyche…

I always found him likeable, on my part, there was not any antipathy towards his person.

I was very surprised when a few weeks later, his wife told me what kind of “intuitions” the “young man” had regarding me.

The circumstance due to which he formed such “judgment” was that when we worked with his sister-in-law on the energies of anger, which had pretty much piled up during the past years, something must have opened very widely, because the anger suppressed until that point burst forth with such force that the lady was furious for hours even after she had arrived home.

This is a natural reaction. This is the essence of the method, it brings forth the unprocessed negative emotions, and when they have come up, instead of cherishing them, we must let them go. If we let them flow freely, and we do not start analyzing them, using them against someone, they will go away.

A lot of people said thank you to me subsequently for not being able to feel anger anymore after 2-3 treatments against people who had been making their lives miserable for years, and for the fact that despite these people’s continuing to do so, they only laugh at their attempts.

I was certain this is what would happen in this case as well, until the kind brother-in-law did not form a different judgment.

Two days after her treatment, the lady cut her hand to a degree that the ligaments had to be stitched up.

The knife itself and blood are the energy of Mars, which is the nurturer of anger. The interesting thing was that at roughly the same time, while I was washing the dishes, for me it was the fork which stuck into the thumb on my right hand, below the nail.

What instantly came to my mind was, well, this one was sent by whom this time…

But let us continue and see what happened at my clients’ place.

The dear brother-in-low started to lecture her at once that it must have been because of me, because there is something “negative” in me or my place. He feels it that I did something badly. Typical left-half-witted reaction.

Superiority above all that yes, HE KNOWS the truth, yes, it is HIM who was meant to judge others’ work, actions, energy.

Our reactions always reveal our spiritual level of development.

When someone is thinking with a whole mind, with both brain hemispheres, she-he will focus instantly on what he-she must learn from this.

A left-half-witted will immediately blame the other party, she-he will want to generate guilt at once.

In sacral representations, Satan always attacks from the left, this is because negative forces use logic to make their victims choose their side, the positive spiritual world manifests through FAITH.

FAITH IS IN THE RIGHT BRAIN HEMISPHERE, which BELIEVES, which knows that everything always happens for the sake of our development, and it DOES NOT JUDGE!!!!!!!

(See the right-half-witted, they believe in the well-meaning world, that somebody will take care of them- there are those who believe in the Universe, others in God, and yet others who simply in the “state”, depending on their education and belief system.)

I cannot even begin to express how disappointed I was in the gentleman for a second altogether.

In every situation, I adhere to the principle of “live and let live”.

If he wants to be left-half-witted, I will not move him out of that!!!

But he will not push me out, not even for a moment, from my at-last hardly-achieved equilibrium! No matter how ARROGANT an energy he is circulating, he cannot crease me under him, to the lower levels!

He will not become greater by waving me down belittlingly.

I do not want to convince him in any way whatsoever, but there is no sense in common work from this point on.

It is possible to achieve results only when there is mutual trust, Faith – a left-half-witted will not be able to do this, therefore it is superfluous to waste time on him-her.

However, I will not let him defame me, I will not allow that!!! My writing was born because of this.

It happens, of course, that someone falls apart on the road towards whole-mindedness in an unexpected situation, and reacts as a left-half-witted, but in this case, she-he possesses the capacity to apologize.

Most people do not even know that they can do the most for both their development and that of the world if they learn to apologize, since forgiveness is the highest energetic level.

So, if someone says, “I’m sorry” sincerely and from the heart, then it is befitting us to forget about the whole thing, overwrite it, as with a bad recording which we have exposed again.

Of course, an apology which the individual says only to silence the other party, is rather destructive than constructive energetically.

The same is true for the kind of apologizing which the individual falters out circulating the energy of pity.

The word itself means nothing if the proper intention, the proper energy is missing behind it.

Well, everyone, look inside how you react usually to situations.

Every time when you blame the other party, and it is not what you should learn from it that you focus on, you prove your left-half-wittedness.

Every such occasion is appropriate to practice forgiveness even to ourselves, for having passed so much time in the state of left-half-wittedness that the necessity for several thousand migrants to come had appeared to keep the balance!!!!!!!!

In a society where instead of table blessing, daily prayer, people are disgracing politicians, where relationships are built on sly schemes against each other, on blackmail, control, possession, and not on acceptance, where those who have allegedly walk a spiritual path, and especially certain spiritual leaders, have raised negative criticism, defamation almost to an artistic level, where pride has become such a precious quality as honesty was in times past, it is self-evident that a group have had to appear who could not care less about political views, the financial situation, or the cultural-spiritual level, who hate and despise us simply because we are white, we are European…

The prayer of the modern period can go like this, My Lord, give me people today as well who I can despise, who I can humiliate, that I find the one whom I can crease under me, with which I can prove my superiority, stabilize my place at the level of PRIDE!

Go, go, people! Back to the Dark Ages!

As you make your bed, so you must lie on it!

One should wake up maybe, if it is still possible…


The question is legitimate!

Both come and go with a stately bearing, but the Self-confident one is polite and is smiling, the PRIDEFUL is marching and rides roughshod over everyone.

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