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The spirit of the planets

When I started working as a medium, an astrologist told me I could work well together with the spirit of the planets. Frankly, I didn’t understand what he was talking about. It’s true I saw some different stains in my clients’ auras, which sometimes looked like an aeroplane or a basketball player, but at that time I didn’t know what they meant.

When once one of my clients told me a medium told her she had a Venus angel, I became jealous because I wanted to see this as well! Then my angel said, "But you see it as well!" Of course I denied I do.

It still occurs sometimes that I am not sure what I know, and unfortunately it’s true in reverse as well, that I think I know something and then it turns out I do not. This is the reason why I waited for years to share with you the experience and knowledge that I am sure about.

Luckily a week after the conversation I mentioned above, someone gave me the book of Lajos Szőke, in which he draws down the spirits of the planets. And then I recognized what I see!

This made my work easier. But because they communicate mostly with signs, not human language, sometimes I need time, a few years until I get something, because sometimes they show themselves in more dimensions and several forms.

Fortunately I met András Tóth, an excellent graphic artist, who could draw nearly exactly what I sense. With his help I can make them public. With time my astrologist friend, Kaliopé, will join us as well to complete our work.

I will show not just the spirit of the planets, but also spirit creatures who can have a huge part in our development.
Later some kinetic symbols will be downloadable as screensavers or for the screen of cell phones -first through my homepage- whose 2-3 minute use is advised.

I look forward to your experience on the energia@leas.ws address!

The Sun

The protector of all higher spiritual activities.

This symbol adorns the front of several buildings in Europe.

In Christian churches, this is how they represent the symbol of vital force.

The use of these symbols fosters the sense of security, self-confidence and therefore treats depression efficiently. They help increase masculine strength, the realization of plans, and that we could represent what we want. Give strength to perform in front of an audience, release our fears and nervousness. The kinetic symbol of the Sun increases LIFE FORCE.

The kinetic symbol of the Sun and music -click here!

The 2 minute direct use of this symbol is advised per day. As a background, it is about 8 minutes! It is impossible to overdose it... If your computer does not radiate dangerous materials from itself!

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