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So what’s up now?

To be honest, I thought (maybe I was too self-confident) that if a person, who has already read my homepage, comes to me as a client, then I won’t have a dread of misunderstandings. But a few days ago I noticed I had been wrong.

A lady came to see me, who earlier in her letters told me how excited she felt about the personal meeting. Knowing this I didn’t understand why she was so rigid when I opened the door.

When she sat down in my sanctuary, she said she might be at the wrong place???? I was surprised and asked why she had said this, because a few days earlier quite a lot of naturopaths had visited me and they had said the healing energy can be felt even in the elevator.

It turned out our heroine slipped in the corridor, which she evaluated as an omen, that is, that she shouldn’t be here.

Of course she didn’t think that maybe she was awkward or that maybe she was too excited and her legs didn’t obey to the pace she set. But no! It’s my fault and I’m the undesirable person.

I can usually see fellow-beings falling in the same trap, looking for signs in everything, which actually just certify their own limits. I can tell from experience that if there is a strong curse on someone or that person is under a strong influence they all come through this test.

What is more important? The insistence to the belief-system or the honest information, which can be uncomfortable when it fronts us with our deficiencies?

You can translate the incident that slipping in the corridor means she shouldn’t be here, but I’m sure that this lady is under a kind of energy that doesn’t want me to unveil it.

The sentence "shouldn’t..." is used to misgive. It is a system of belief that controls and pulls back. You can believe in it, but don’t be surprised if it shackles and let us develop just in small steps.

If someone would like to have a faster growth, then the next questions should be asked: "What shall I learn from this?" instead of saying sentences beginning with "shouldn’t."

This lady chose the "shouldn’t..." version and I’m not about to support her in it, so in this point of view she was right, she was not at the right place. When she will be curious about why she slipped and what she should learn from this then hopefully she will find the right person who can help her.

My other disappointment was that however I write down every time that PLEASE AVOID GIVING UNINVITED ADVICE, I can see it’s still difficult to take it. Mostly these people don’t even realize that they are still telling everyone what and how to do, they do this with me too. I don’t think they understand the difference between a friendly comment and telling off.

A very simple example: I mentioned a client that strong, bad smells were coming from my neighbors. I can’t bear it especially the smell of defecation, I vomit from it. My visitor told me: "You must have a problem with your digestive system!"- namely she sat in judgment on me without asking her.

If she had just said "as far as I know" it means you may have a digesting problem, I would have thanked for the information. But in that way it had an effect on me as if she had stigmatized me. From that point I tried to keep distance not allowing her to force anything on me.

I know an average person wouldn’t find it so tragic. But I’m not average, I’m much more sensitive!

The given advice that people think are good pieces of advice, I can feel as a violent encroachment. If I didn’t ask for an advice, please don’t teach me!

Just ask my friends, I’m not doing this even with them. I’m not telling them my opinion, only if they ask for it. I do not encroach even if I know the right answer in some problematic situations, until they ask me to give advice.

It has happened with a friend, that I told her what she had done wrong only after 2 years, because that was the time when she asked me. When I told her the information she adjusted the situation and she also asked me for how long I had known the answer. I told her I had known it from the beginning.

- why haven’t you told me earlier?
- Cause you haven’t asked it. Until you don’t ask, it’s not the right time to know it.

My friends authorized me to chip in their issues anytime, but I rarely do it.

Please respect each other with letting us have our own ways! Let each person experience in the most appropriate way! Please give advice only if the other person is asking for it.

Believe me, you will have a faster development and a better life, if we accept the others as they are. Don’t waste precious energy on thinking how we should change the other one, how and what he/she should do in another way!

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