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Christopher Gans's film

The mother, Rose: Radha Mitchell
The father, Chris: Sean Bean

The story begins next to a waterfall, when the sleepwalking little girl, who is in an unconscious state, wants to jump into the precipice into which the waterfall flows.
Her mother, Rose, about who it turns out soon that she is not her real mother but her adopter, grabs her in the last minute.
The little girl, Sharon, utters the name of the town, Silent Hill.
It turns out that despite the drugs, the little girl’s nights are restless, and what is more, in these peculiar states, she draws bizarre, dark shadows.
The mother, in spite of the father’s protest, decides to take the girl to the city, since according to the adoption papers, the child comes from the neighborhood and maybe she will find there the origin of the child’s frustration.
Of course, it is an inevitable element of horror films that they begin the journey at night.
A policewoman with a motorcycle tries to detain them, but the mom steps on the gas.
The end of the rush is that they have an accident during which the mom loses consciousness.
When she wakes up, she is surrounded by a strange fog, and her daughter is gone.
She sets off to look for the child, and meanwhile she is surprised to find that the strange mist is in fact made up of ash, which is falling continually.
She hears the little girl’s voice only from far away, so she starts towards the houses.
The streets are empty, grey, no sign of life.
When she thinks she discovered her daughter in a cellar, suddenly she is surrounded by smoldering figures of a rough outline that have a voice like that of children.
She escapes and continues to search for her daughter.
It is a little irritating that the girl’s voice suggests fear and still, instead of running to her mother, she keeps running away from her.
When the day breaks, the beings disappear.
The woman starts towards her car but she is surprised to see that at the place of the road leading back, there is a chasm.
She meets with an unkempt woman whose clothes are torn who informs her that only the dark one opens the gate of Silent Hill, that is, the road is passable only at night.
Rose tells the woman that she lost the little girl, and she replies that here, all lost their children and with them, the light.
The policewoman appears and wants to arrest her, she is bleeding, too, because she slid with the motorcycle.
The policewoman is also faced with the fact that the road leading back has disappeared.
The cell phones do not work.

An amorphous figure attacks them, but the policewoman shoots it. The splashing blood corrodes everything it touches.

Rose begins to look for her daughter in the school building.
In the meantime, the husband and the police chief are roaming the city by car, and they are calling to the woman through loud-speakers.
The cop tells him about how the city burnt down and that his own father perished there, too.

The woman does not hear the car in spite of the fact that there is dead silence in the area.

She finds Alessa’s exercise book who was the child of the ragged woman, and someone else as well.
In the toilet, there is blood everywhere and mutilated human torsos are slithering on the ground.
Meanwhile, the husband also arrives at the school, but the woman does not hear him shouting.
The policewoman shows up again, and they are fleeing together from the monster figure which is attacking with a meat cleaver.
They meet a young girl, Anna, who is throwing stones at the ragged woman. She is calling the ragged woman a witch.
Meanwhile, the police suspend the search.

The husband breaks into the archives and finds a photo depicting Sharon, but which has Alessa’s name written on it.
It turns out that the town was founded by witch-hunters, inquisitors.

When the siren sounds, the dozens of people rush towards the church.
Supposedly, only the walls of the church provide shelter against dark forces.
The witch warns Rose that she should not go, that she should trust her faith, and that those people are all hypocrites, but the woman yields to the will of the majority, to panic.
Anna wants to throw stones at the witch, but the evil holding the broadsword grabs her and tears her apart.
It is Rose and the policewoman who the people in the church want to declare witches, but the spiritual leader of the church, Christabella defends them.
They pray together, Christabella talks about being chosen in some way, and it is as if her message was supported even by the light which flashes up.
The husband visits the orphanage.
He confronts the nurse why her adopted daughter who had come from them resembles the woman in the picture.
The police chief arrives and tells Chris that the girl in the picture was a victim of the fire.
He says that there are several laws, that of man, God, and the devil. There are things that man cannot influence and he sends the man home.
The leader of the church warns the ladies that they should never trust their eyes because they can be misleading, and they should rather have confidence in their own faith.
Of course, what this faith consists of, he does not let us know.
In fact, he suggests that he himself does not trust them (the women), either, and moreover, since he recognizes Alessa’s photo in Rose’s necklace, he declares them witches.
Rose escapes but they beat the policewoman to death.
Rose has a vision.
Suddenly, we see an old video from which it turns out that Alessa grew up without a father, which was a crime in the community.
Christabella was the director of the school.
Others called Alessa a witch.
The girl fled to the bathroom from the attacks, but there she ran into the janitor’s arms who then raped her.
So the mother and her daughter were considered guilty.
The community decides that they have to be cleansed.
While they are praising purity, they burn the little girl.
The spark bursts and the fire spreads.
The charred little girl is still alive. It is the police chief who takes her off the cross.
Alessa’s hatred has become so powerful that with her energies, she destroyed everything around herself. Her hatred attracted a being to her who promised that it will take revenge at those who had caused all the suffering.

It turns out that Alessa gave birth to a child whose name was Sharon and who Rose and her husband adopted.

The being who has entered the little girl’s body tells Rose that it is her sacrifice which is needed.
By adopting Sharon, Rose decided about her own fate herself.
It says that fanatic faith leads one away from the truth, and that Rose can still correct the things of the world.
The truth sets you free.
The being enters Rose’s body.
Sharon is in the witch’s home.
Christabella arrives and takes the child with herself.
She is declared guilty, too, because she was conceived in sin.

For the protection of innocence, they burn the policewoman before the child’s very eyes, while they are chanting that the demon has to leave her.

Rose arrives and the being in her tells the truth to their face.
They burn everything they are afraid of, they burn everything they cannot control. They are teaching one to be afraid, they are executing innocent people.
Their faith has brought death, God is not with them.
Christabella stabs the woman.
She raises her hands, saying, she was blaspheming God, she deserved it.
Night falls.
Rose’s drops of blood open the gate of hell.
The woman’s wound heals.
From hell, copper wires emerge which coil around the people and raise them high, imitating crucifixion, then tear them in two.
In the middle of the wire, there is a bed on which Alessa’s tortured body is lying.
Alessa’s mother is watching in shock what has become of her daughter.
Rose manages to bring her daughter down from the post on which she was stretched out.
Everything grows quiet.
Everyone disappears except for the witch and Rose.
The ragged woman wonders why it is that Alessa did not tear her, too, apart.
Rose comforts her, saying that it is because she is her mother and the mother is God in the eyes of a child. Outside, everything is brilliant and radiantly light.

Rose and her mother get in the car and leave.
Along the way, they see the damaged scooter.

Chris’s phone rings, he picks it up fast but only cracks can be heard.
The woman says only that Sharon is with her and that they are going home.
The man hears nothing of all this.

The woman and the child arrive home, but their home is just as grey as the town was.

Meanwhile, the man is resting on the couch, everything is shining with light. He opens the door but no one is there.

Unfortunately, it is incomprehensible for those who do not have some spiritual and occult knowledge.
And everything is elucidated when someone knows at least me.

Sharon is indeed Alessa’s descendant. In her dreams, it is her soul who is disturbing her and calling her.
Sharon draws well, but in the state of possession she is painting the shadows which are haunting her.

Everything becomes clear if I reveal that all of them died already at the very beginning, in the accident. When someone dies suddenly, he or she does not even notice that she or he died.
So Rose, the policewoman and Sharon continued their journey and they lived on the personality they had been.
The woman did not hear the man’s voice partly because she did not realize that she was already in another dimension, and partly because her thoughts were blinded by fear.
This is why Chris did not see her even when they were at the very same room.
It is also for the same reason that in the end, even though the girls came home, Chris did not perceive them, and they did not perceive him, either.
Since they did not notice that they, both mother and daughter, are not living in the physical reality anymore, they experience the existence in a spirit form as if it was physical reality.

Everyone remains the same personality after death as well unless she or he gets the angelic help.

When praying, the inhabitants of the town were not asking to be able to come out of their situation, they wanted only to escape from the evil.

Many people do not know that those who tortured their fellow men find themselves in a sphere where physical pain still exists and they have to experience the same suffering that they inflicted on others, no matter whether they themselves did so as executors, or they gave the order to be executed.

Alessa suffered a lot in the physical world, hatred poisoned her soul, and therefore she attracted the lord of darkness himself as a helper.
Rose was needed because she was still a pure soul and so by her, the evil could get into the church.

It is a little complicated, but to be clearer, I will explain it.

Though Christabella and the inhabitants of the town committed a crime, their soul did not get into higher spheres, and they have not made it conscious yet that they died already, but they have not got into the deepest pit of hell yet.
The church is a sacred place and even for them, it provides shelter from the evil.

Rose was pure, and so if the evil possessed her, it could also get into the church by her.
I have seen several cases where the protective force-field of a church is damaged because they let anyone in.
Every month, I have to help several hundred souls pass to the other side who have just realized that they have nothing to do in this dimension.
The film is terrifying, but as I said, it is perfect.
What happens to fallen souls is portrayed very well.
Sometimes I am shown, too, what they go through.
It is exactly for this reason that I refrain from cursing someone, or sending negative energy towards them, even if they prefer to explain their failure this way, that is, that it was me who cursed them, because I know precisely what price we have to pay if we mean harm to our fellow men.
It is better to watch this film, too, during the day, in sunshine, to avoid damage to the nervous system, but to maintain the information.

Why did the policewoman have to be beaten death, the evil would kill her…

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