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How to protect against the negative energies?

A prayer for every day:

"God, please help me
to hear what I have to hear,
to see what I have to see,
to say what I have to say,
to do what I have to do!
Help me to correct my mistakes
forgive me my sins and
prevent me from intervening karmic things!"

I needed a lot of years of experience, failure to be able to draft like this. If I pray it every day I can be sure that my activity is in harmony with God’s will.

Sometimes I woke up at night for feeling some unknown and so frightening energies around me and at such times, I said the following request:

"Please God, if it is happening because you want it, then help me deal with it successfully.
If not, please help me to get out of this, protect me!"

When I receive dead people’s or other spirits’ message my fears rolled by and I did what I had to do. If someone tried to scare me or play with me from the astral plane, I immediately felt that he-she had left.

In the underground, caves, tunnels I usually sense the dead stuck there and different astral creatures, who are extremely vicious. They usually try to knock the weaker protected people on the escalator or encourage them to jump in front of the metro. This is the reason why the more sensitive fellows almost panic in these places - and I often even hear them!

Against them, the following technique is very efficient:

Let us put a Clear Quartz (which we’ve already cleaned in the sun or in salt solution) into 0,3 litre water and leave it for 3 hours.

Clear Quartz is the vibration of the crown chakra, on this frequency we can sense the energy of the angels as well. After 2-3 months of frequent use we will simply become disgusting for such vicious creatures, not to mention that our intuition and telepathic power will increase.

If we are dealing with aggressive, negative-thinking people, for me, the same technique but with Red Jasper was what I found effective.

When our vibration got stronger because of the crystal, we could ask Archangel Michael to help. He and his troops can build an effective protecting shelter around us and even our whole home.

The most simple is if we imagine a huge red ball around us, then we put on a layer of green and white on it.

If someone is under the protection of Archangel Michael, I can see a white sword pitched in the ground, but it happened that this Archangel embraced me in the form below:

It was a funny and also touching experience.

My other favourite symbol is the "Atlantis protecting symbol", which I use either graved in a ring, or painted on a piece of clothing, or drawn simply on a piece of paper.

One more popular symbol which protects us if we have faith in it, but don’t use it inversely, because then it attracts the destructive energies!

I don’t write more about this now because once the leader of a witch-alliance became very angry when he saw it around my neck together with a cross...!!?

In the ancient cultures, a gold cross was worn with Chrysoprase in the middle against black magic.

I suggest one should purchase one it he or she can afford it, it has a very pleasant vibration and a good protecting power, but if we imagine in meditation that we place such a cross on each door and window, it is just as efficient.

Another important warning!

If we know that someone is cursing us, do not return the curse on her or him! By this, we degrade ourselves to their level.
Pray for that person and send love energy towards him or her! This way, we do much more for the common space and energies!

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