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Has it happened to You yet, my Dear Reader, that you shivered when you saw a Munkácsy painting? That you were overcome by emotion while you were looking at Michelangelo’s works, or tears came to your eyes when you heard Beethoven’s Ode to Joy?
Have you read Schiller or Shakespeare’s works, or Attila József’s poems yet in a way that you cried softly and pleasantly now and again?
Were You, too, having the feeling while reading The Tragedy of Man as if a hand was (tightly) holding your heart?
Does your chest get clenched when you hear the Anthem?
Has it occurred that you were moved by pop-music, for example by Bono’s certain songs or the video clip of Michael Jackson’s “Cry for Help”?

What do you think happened to You in these situations?

The answer is just as simple as it is creepy!
Well, my Dear Reader, You managed to tune to the divine creating energy!

You perceived this energy sometimes by the wings of a melody, at other times it was suggested by a moving work of art, or it was circulated by a masterly elaborated dramatic dialogue.

If you are reading my writing with an open heart, you must be having goose bumps now as well, because my mentioning a few names which circulate the creative energy, sets remembering in motion instantly, and cells immediately bring forth the feeling this energy can trigger in a mere mortal.

Dante, Shakespeare, Schiller, Attila József, Madách and many others, by making an impression on the heart and mind with their works, tried to tune their fellow men to the creating energy.
Da Vinci, Michelangelo rendered this same energy visible and touchable with their pictures, statues. The task of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and even John Lennon and Jimmy Zámbó as well was to try to open closed hearts.

To me, the aura of those who like classical music, whether they make it or just love it, is very spectacular, because there are several classic works which tune those in hearing distance to the higher frequency automatically.

In our rushing world, unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer people who can sit down and become absorbed in a book, or stop and gaze at a painting in wonderment.
Music, too, is present in the lives of many of us rather as a kind of background noise. We live in a spinning world where the sense organs require fast information-flow.

In the 20th-21st century, film has become the most appropriate art form which - in certain cases - can follow the elevated frequency every human being is - either consciously or subconsciously - thirsting for.

Film unifies pictorial realization, music and dialogue. It is able to have an influence both on the soul and our spiritual ego at the same time. A good work is flowing both emotions and pieces of information.

If one manages to put a creator-team together every member of which is devoted and is able to circulate divine energy, then such a masterwork can be possibly created which is able to change the opinion of hundreds of thousands of people on God and the World.

Under this heading, I will write about films which represent the mystery of existence, which help one see and notice things. Maybe about such as well which help one understand human beings’ variegation and otherness.

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