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Love at first sight

Who wouldn’t know the feeling of having butterflies in the stomach, excitement, blushing, our loin goes hot, the palm starts to sweat, the legs and hands start to tremble, our voice falters or we begin to stutter at the first sight of someone?

If you notice any combination of these symptoms in according to another person, well then probably "you are about to fall in love”.

We are sure about that we are meant to be with that person and so our destiny is inescapable.
But is it always right? Is it sure that the person with whom we feel the spark at first sight is really the true love?

I list a few reasons that can cause the reaction I mentioned above and wouldn’t mean that person is our real partner in present life. I can do this after my own mistakes, relationships, experiences and the information from my spiritual leader.

1. Most of us have an ideal type, a hair color, face, smile, that we always search for. We believe that the person who has all these physical features in our desire is the person, who will be our partner in life. Well, this is the first huge trap! The person who we imagine is the person who was our partner in the previous life and not the person with whom we have issues in the present one. It can also happen that the "ideal person” doesn’t even exist in physical body or even has a different gender in the present life, but the most important is that we don’t have anything to do with her/him in this life! It is one of the favorite traps of our spirit, to realize what we want, chasing a dream through all our life, or be open for new possibilities?

2. The next trap can be when our love from a previous life has a totally different outlook, but the soul recognizes the other and the big love they had together in the previous life spouts again. People usually ask me how it can happen that if it was such a big spark, it lasted only for 2 weeks. Well, the answer is simple: they had to meet to realize how big energies they are able to flow and what kind of relationship they want to have- only with a different partner!

3. Another serious trap, which is becoming more and more usual nowadays, is love bindings. The magician often forgets to remind the asking person that this can cause only dependence, not love or harmony. Even though the victim won’t be able to have a normal sexual life with other people, but the binding doesn’t guarantee that he or she will choose us. If in a previous life we attached ourselves to someone with force, we will have an intense emotional sally for this person again, but in this case our task is to absolve the binding and let the person go!

4. Like in the above, an oath made to God can also bind us for several incarnations! If we had said "until death comes”, then it is meant for that life. But if you say "forever after", then it can cause a serious problem in the present to establish a happy relationship. If destiny brings us together with the person we swore for this, absolve that person of it immediately to allow ourselves to choose partner with free will.

5. Next problem can come from the misunderstanding in our present life, when we fall in love with a person who has exactly the inner-outer characteristics, energies we desire, which we lack. These partners usually make only our ego grow and the partnership doesn’t really help us develop. Don’t be sad if destiny ends these relationships after a few months or years. You can decide if you want to stay offended because the imagined partner is not given to you, or you trust in your spirit that she-he will lead the person in your way who will help you develop the most.

So before we become blind from love, please take another look at the person to make it sure it is worth to plan with him/her.

If we settled every debt we brought from previous lives and we have shaken off every binding, we can find the person at last in whose eyes we can glimpse our better part!

Once a lady said: "2 years ago you told me I would find the big love when I have turned 30. But you didn’t say it will be a SHE!!" The two ladies always had hetero relationships, but they immediately fell in love at first sight. Their guardian angel said they promised each other in a previous life that they would recognize and love each other always in every body, in every situation. Unfortunately, one of them is a very conservative lady and was not able to undertake the love, which goes back for millenniums- I hope with time she will do so still in this life!

My favorite people are ladies who fall in love with a famous actor, musician. In regressive hypnosis it always comes out that they had a few passionate relationships with that now unreachable person. I usually encourage these clients to make the most of their present life and ask God to let them be together again in the next life.

Once a desperate young lady came to me, because she had put a love binding on a Yugoslavian gentleman, but the binding came back on her like a boomerang. The man went home for his wedding and the girl put the binding on him. He came back and said he had broken off the engagement at the last moment but now he looked at my client as his own property. We undid the binding, the girl regretted her silliness and the guy disappeared from her life.

I admit I observe her life with interest and smile sometimes in some of the turns in her life (I apologize for that), because she married to another man, which confirmed a promise from a previous life.

Even though their marriage lasted just for two months, because of their being young and obstinate, but the promise hasn’t been undone. They are still connected by fine energetic ties. Because I know the young man as well, I know he doesn’t have long or harmonious partnerships, no matter how hard he tries, they last only for a few years. The lady is in the same situation. She gives her soul in every relationship, but they still don’t work.

I’m interested when they will give up their obstinacy and realize that they belong to each other? For this life, they promised to each other that defying all temptations, they will be together. They can decide to have a one part movie or a long soap-opera series.

A story from my private life. The young man arrived as a client. From the window, I saw him coming. I couldn’t even really see his face yet, when my heart was already beating in my throat and I prayed: "Please God, let him be single!!!"

First time, we talked for five hours, I felt as if my heart was heated with warm oil. It turned out he doesn’t have a partner but, his problem is that a lady is chasing him with her love. It turned me off a little bit, but didn’t make me stop talking about private things. We talked a lot, philosophized, and dance.

It turned out, that in a previous life we loved each other very much, but I left him because of certain social interests without even saying goodbye, and this is why I felt like this when I first saw him.

I tried to hold myself back, but it was very difficult. It turned out that he met another lady at the same time and she too, was with a big impact on him. My angel warned me to let him choose freely what and who he wants.

I had difficult months ahead when we worked on making him braver and more masculine. Secretly, I hoped that I will benefit from all this. At the end he made his right decision. He didn’t choose me. I thanked this for him, because he absolved me from my duties regarding him: I didn’t have to undertake him because of betraying him in the last life.

With the fact that he is in a happy relationship, he helped me as well. Anyway it would have been a pity to miss out the great guys who I had met by Destiny since then!

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