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Stories considered from the levels of the emotional table

I have already written about American psychiatrist David R. Hawkins’s table several times which he drew up according to British scientist Sir John Eccles’s research. This table is meant to give a picture about what levels humanity has stuck in, from where they are looking on the world.

What opinion we have of God and the world, what feelings we are emitting from ourselves, how we behave and live our life, all are typical of a particular level. The levels determine our fate, and events are working out according to what energies we are flowing from the particular level.

Our brain is able to be dealingwith a problem on the conscious level only for a few months. After this, our emotional reactions to the events, more precisely, negative events, go into the subconscious unprocessedand they are waiting for the chance to manifest themselves as a delayed-action bomb, which later manifests itself as diseases, newer negative experiences, or possibly as forms of behavior that even we, ourselves cannot explain.

Our brain is emitting waves during the night - of course, primarily the waves of not processed emotions, anger, shame, fear, our unfulfilled desires, etc. -, and our fellow men are receiving these waves.
Since the brain works exclusively with information, it does not distinguish whether it is the other individual’s desired state or fears what it senses. Subconsciously, it is automatically programming itself to meet the "requirements” of the other individual, of the party who is emitting the signals in its waking state.
For example, if one of the parties is emitting from him-herself at night that she-he is afraid that he-she will be conned, then the party who receives the signs will obey and will con the sender of the message, thereby complying with his-her wish.

I have already written about this phenomenon ever so many times, but I have not noticed that my readers would have really understood it.
Everyone her-himself is responsible for his-her own fate!
Everybody gets back only what she-he is emitting. We can blame no one else for it, only ourselves!

If events do not work out as the angels have predicted, for that, only we ourselves are responsible, since we are emitting such signs during sleeping time which are preventing things from happening. Instead of lamenting, complaining, we should work on ourselves, find which level we have got stuck at. The whole thing is very simple: until things do not change around us, it means that we have not let go of the level yet we are staying at.
Let us observe ourselves how we react, what kind of words we use, what our opinions are like! These reveal where we are at just then.

I, of course, started from the lowest spot (this is how it is beautiful to win!), so I can explain the things authentically.I do not detail everything at the beginning of this piece, because I attached a passage from my book in progress to the end of this writing, and there I am explaining all this again from another point of view.
Here and now I would write about what was left out there.

I would like to clarify that it is not only one level where we can be staying permanently - though it is also possible.
In different themes, I was staying at different levels. How difficult it is to move forward from the trap of a particular level and how much labor it requires, I would like to relate with the following stories. But first, let us see the table according to which I work:


When I went to the Acupuncture for the Mind course for the first time, the most important question was why I do not manage to realize my international programs and my television shows? Whenever I was directly at the finish, my plans always miscarried at the finishing-line.

It turned out that in the subject of international career, I am on the level of SHAME.
As the table also displays, it entails Humiliation and Elimination.

Indeed, these were accompanying all my attempts.
I was one week before the broadcast of my own show when the then government withdrew the subsidy of the public television. Famous people had to go as well, not just me.
The papers had published the point of time of the show, and relatives, classmates, inhabitants of my village were sitting in front of the TV, waiting for my program. It was very humiliating for me to let them know that it came to nothing in the end.
The elimination, humiliation which I experienced on the line of humor I already wrote about in another piece. I write about the other events in my book, true that in the third person, but the stories are recognizable, so I do not elaborate on them more.

I had been working for one year on myself so that I could move away from this level. When I believed that everything was all right around me already, came the dampener.
Friendships of several years were severed, and I was given notice to quit the apartment I rented. In hindsight, I make it conscious that this was my test whether I was able to move higher at last from this level. It was difficult for me to face that the individual who I had trusted, who had helped me a lot financially, stabbed me in the back.

When I started to handle the end of this relationship already rather as the closure of a period and I was bemoaning neither the loss of the financial income, nor that of our programs together, it was then that it became clear to me what a big trap I had been in. Those who read my "mother-queen” piece know what I am talking about.
I got it then that for six years, I was surrounding myself with people who were keeping me constantly on the level of "shame”.

I admit that I was really feeling ashamed when the S in the above mentioned article was always getting his food all over his clothes, not to mention his behavior.
When we were in my region, I was afraid that one of my previous friends or class-mates might enter the restaurant where we were having lunch with S and his mother, because what they would think of me, what kind of people I appear with.

Such an encounter would have been awfully embarrassing, because what could I have said, why S looked like the way he did? I could not say that he is not my friend, only my "client” and that he is ill, and this is why he is like that.
Despite all my efforts, I was abashed, fearing that I would possibly have to explain myself.

I was feeling humiliated, treated in an offhand manner also when S’s mother was continually preaching to me. In other words, our common programs twice every week were giving a continuity to me not being able to move away from the level of shame.

To this added the aggressive, offhand behavior of the "house lady”, or more exactly, based on her actions and how she is expressing herself, I can safely say "shrew”, not to mention the ways and conduct of the Arabs below me.
I am not angry with any of them, it was an interesting challenge.
I grasped then why I had been staying on this level for years in spite of me working so much on myself.

However, to be able to leave this level behind entirely, it was important to throw light on when I had attuned to it for the first time, when it had become my habit to receive energy from this level. In fact, I realized this "by chance”.

A few days ago, in connection with a school program, I mediated between the directors of some of the Hungarian schools in the Felvidék and my acquaintances in Hungary. We finished early in the school of the little town next to us and we were waiting for my sister, so that she would take us to Kassa. We still had an hour until my younger sister would be able to come from work, so acting upon a sudden idea, I suggested that we should go to my old school. I graduated there, and it was there that I was a governess for one year.

When we arrived at the entrance, my throat started to get tight and my stomach cramp.
I made it conscious that I had not crossed the threshold of the school for 26 years, I did not even go to class reunions. Meanwhile, it also came to my mind why.

When we returned from the school ‒ where, by the way, we negotiated very successfully ‒, did I grasp from where the event originates which thrust the shaping of my fate to the level of shame.
I was the governess of 9 year-old children, where boys settled their disputes often by physical fights. I was just returning from a break, but the noise of the battle could be clearly heard already from the corridor. It did not matter that I entered the class, the tusslers’ brain had become unhinged from the fury and they did not notice me, even though the others stood up in absolute silence to greet me.

My eyes perceived the four scuffling boys, but I also sensed the frightened face of the others.
The boy who the other three were chasing ran towards me, asking for my help. I caught him protectively, but the others continued beating him even between my hands.
I tried to separate them. Fortunately, one of the three boys came to his senses and went to stand farther. Another threw himself to the ground and was pummeling the floor, while I was keeping the third one away from the pursued boy with my right hand, who I was embracing with my left arm.
It was difficult to control the situation in front of a class of children who were observing me while I was feeling under my palms how fast the boys’ hearts were beating.
Then they began to calm down slowly from my touch and I was rather talking than shouting to them.

I did not have an empty hand left for the boy rolling about on the ground, so I touched him with my leg to prompt him to stand up.
In fact, it would have been physically impossible for me to exert bigger pressure with my leg, since it was enough to restrain the two other children. A sudden move with my leg would have probably cost me the loss of my balance.
In any case, as I reached the boy’s waist, he gave out a big yell, as though my touch had caused him pain.
Then gradually, everybody quieted down. About the chased it turned out that he had been the provoker, we discussed the events and our day continued according to the usual schedule.

I believed that I managed to solve the situation. The following day it turned out that I was mistaken. When someone told me that I had to go to the manager’s office, I already suspected that something was wrong.
When I entered the office, the boy who had been rolling about on the ground, was sitting there with a pious face, next to him, his parents with an expression of indignation, and the director, too, was looking at me sternly.
They showed me how huge a blue mark had resulted where I had "kicked” the child.
I could not utter a word from the astonishment. I knew that I HAD NOT KICKED HIM!
No matter how pointed the toes of my boots were, my touch could not have led to such a big injury.
Since the class supported as well that they had seen how my boot touched the boy, I did not have any chance to defend myself.
Although this child was my favorite pupil! I did not understand how this could happen.

Because all this took place towards the end of the year, they did not extend my contract.
The matter was tormenting me for years, I did not understand how I ended up in such a situation.
If I had kicked the child at least, then I would take responsibility for it, but this way???
What should I absolve myself from if I do not know what I did?

I received the answer about five years ago, but I have comprehended the interconnections only recently.
In hypnosis, we evoked the events. I could see the scene again in slow motion, what happened when I entered the class.
In the big disorder I noticed that the "injured” boy did not take the bend well and he ran badly against the corner of the desk. Needless to say, the corner of the desk cut into him exactly where I, supposedly, kicked him. In the heat of the battle, the child did not even perceive the pain, only when I, for my demise just at the hurt area, touched him with my boot. And he identified the emergence of pain with my touch. He did not remember what had happened earlier, only that it started aching when I touched him.

In effect, he did not lie,he just recounted the events according to how he had seen them.
The class, too, saw it in a way that it was me who caused the pain, since he wailed then.
The director of the school, too, sacked me based on the appearance, and the parents were also passing judgment on me according to the seeming events.

Three days ago I managed to set the smoothing out of things in motion. I met with my female colleague whose son had been witness to the events as well, who had also belonged to my class.
Incidentally, she was the only educator in the building, who was my colleague back then, and she was the most appropriate person for my absolution as well, because she represented both the colleagues and parents at the same time.
I told her the story - she did not remember it anymore -, but to me, it brought relief that I could rectify the happenings eventually.

When I went home, my first thing to do was to make a search whether there had been any other event in my life which could draw me back to the level of shame. Unfortunately, testing showed that there was.
Go for it, I asked the others to help me find these events by testing.

When we resolve a problem, more precisely, if we succeed in deleting its trace from our energy-stock, this does not mean automatically yet that we have come off of the particular level once and for all. We have to find the first experience when we had attuned to the particular energy, and it is only when we extirpate the particular energy by the roots that we can be certain that we will not attract similar events into our life anymore.

When I was 18 years old, I was appointed the manager of the culture-center ‒ three culture houses, cinema, music school, library, etc. Then I was not even able to realize how big a task it was.

I was applying to be a librarian, but since no one wanted to take the director’s post on, they unloaded it on me.
There was a lot of book-keeping work that I also had to do myself.
I had six steady and six part-time job subordinates, plus the band.It was because of my ignorance probably that I dared to start doing it.Sadly, they were always just promising help, real support came only with much difficulty.

I had been working there already for more than a year when we got a budget check. It goes without saying that I got a bit windy about my snippety accounting, but I knew that by and large, everything had to be okay.
When the morose old gentleman had a look at a few books, he started mumbling under his nose that from this, there would be an indictment. He did not say anything concrete, he only kept saying again and again that there were so much fraud that the thing would be brought to trial.
At home, my parents were questioning me closely what I had committed, but I could not answer because I had a clear conscience.

When I went to a party which the management of the district had organized for public educators, and I was enjoying myself very much, one of the directors rebuked me in front of the others, "Don’t be so happy, you there, a trial is waiting for you!”

Needless to say, from his contemptuous style I felt very miserable, and it was very humiliating to look into my colleagues’ eyes.
I had to listen to, why am I so calm, why I am not nervous?
I always answered with the question, "If I get nervous, it will be better?" I did not do anything wrong, I did not feel that I should be afraid.
The elimination, the humiliation was paining me very much of course, and I was ashamed because my mother felt really miserable, too, when in the street, people asked her about what had happened.

When the time of the inspector’s report arrived, the whole village had been pointing a finger at me already, as something one should be ashamed of. Men of rank of the village, the directors of factories, the council, the management of the party presented themselves at the meeting, and the survey of the indictment began.

The first bill suspicious because possibly pointing to defalcation - 1983...
Here, I interrupted, saying excuse me, but at that time, I was still a high school student…
The inspector was a little taken aback, no one had told him that out of the past 5 years which he was checking, I had the luck of occupying the post only for the last 1 year.

Then he continued, citing, one after the other, things which originated in the period when I still went to school.
For the last year, he found only trivialities. It turned out that I did not sign everywhere where I should have - and so in three days, I had to write my name down at least for a thousand times -, but this was all my guilt.

Naturally, no one apologized for the defamation. However, in the neighborhood, it had spread that I was a swindler, and it could not be undone anymore. I could not walk up to everyone, saying, hello there!, it was a mistake, I had been only a schoolgirl when the detected errors had been made!

Despising - pity - shame - humiliation - elimination.
I had nothing in my hand to neutralize this trauma. This shame was simply impossible to come to terms with. The only tool I had was to forget what had happened as soon as possible.
The emotions which I could not deal with later demanded room for themselves, and were forming my fate again and again in a way that it would be impossible for me to ignore them.

It took a long time until I finally found the original cause that had shoved me to the level of shame. So this was the event which placed me on an energy-spiral that was determining my fate for decades.
I went to fortune-tellers, astrologists regularly in vain, and the promise of better and better possibilities was to no avail, this level did not allow realization. The thousand stress-release sessions were in vain -they, for the most part, helped me bear the experiences of failures better and better-, they did not let my fate come true.

Fortunately, I understood already long ago that I cannot blame anyone else for my failures, only myself. The celestials had been sending me to that particular A4M course for at least 4 years, but I always found some excuses.

Last year, when I at last managed to get there, fate intervened again, because my father died just then, and I had to leave the course, but I still learned a lot.
This year I made it there at last, and I begin to find my way about what happens why.

I am responsible for my fate, the angels can only shepherd me indirectly, they must not solve the problems instead of me.
This level what I was writing about, was blocking only my social position, my international successes. In other fields of life, other energies are blocking me, now I am working on them.

The following level is the level of GUILT.

Vindictive God-view, life is evil, the feeling is blame, the behavior is destruction.
This is the level where 80 per cent of the inhabitants of Europe, more precisely, those of the ex-socialist countries, are staying. If someone is not on this level, then his or her environment is and it wants to pull down everybody else next to themselves continually.

Dear Reader!
What are the chances that this energy does not affect You?

Those staying on this level are continually complaining, they are continually blamingothers for the situation which has developed. One cannot even travel by BKV anymore (theTransportation Enterprise of Budapest) without ear-witnessing some kind of hate-speech against politicians!
One cannot even imagine a Hungarian person anymore without continual complaining and blaming!
To add to this, there are also the big "national guards”, the fanatic nationalists, who are continually setting the people against somebody.

One cannot expect development in a country where people are keeping themselves on this level either consciously or subconsciously. It is possible to move away from this only if everyone, or at least those who believe themselves to be at a higher level - and this is so just on the conscious level, the subconscious, sadly, continues sending the signs from this level of Guilt -, would work on themselves at last!

During the years, I have become acquainted with a lot of techniques, but none of them is as efficient as the already mentioned acupuncture for the mind. This does not do wonders in a few days, either, of course, especially when my clients are wrecking advancement themselves. However, at least there is a method at last which gives answers to many things and offers a solution.

I have a lot of stories to each level either from my own life, or from that of my clients. Further on, I will write about them ‒ and at the same time, I will collect them -, as, for example, Stories from the level of Guilt, or Stories from the level of Anger.

Now, from my novel in progress, I make a part public which is about the levels of consciousness, thereby helping my Readers understand it better how we are locking ourselves up by our judgments.

This method, by the way, can be well applied through Skype, too. With this, I have made moving away possible for those as well who live in the country or in a foreign land and cannot come to me.

*Passage from the book:

All of a sudden, I land in some viscous matter.

Slimy, sticky and rather unpleasant a smell is surrounding me.

Suddenly, I do not even know whether my body has this stinging smell because of my having sweat totally from the fear, or it is the milieu which is so "fear”-smelling.

I do not see, do not hear anything, the goo covers my body entirely.

Still, somehow I do not feel a ground, as if I were sinking continuously.

Doubt concerning my situation is overcoming me more and more.

Maybe I will be the first human to drown in an uncertain matter without a physical body?

I am falling lower and lower.

Suddenly, the feeling of indignation spreads in me!
Where is God at times like this one? I am totally indifferent for Him, no question about that!

To be honest, He is indifferent for me as well already, whether He pays attention to me or not. If His Lordship does not appreciate my achievement, then I will keep trying somewhere else!

He is almighty? What nonsense!

It is said that I managed to outsmart Him once, then why I wouldn’t manage to do it again.

Do I end up in one of the lower spheres? So what, I am better than everybody else all the same, and I will prove it!

What next! What!!

As if something is changing, I cannot say exactly what, but definitely I am feeling something.

All of a sudden, my blood starts boiling with anger.

I won’t allow such treatment!

I don’t know yet how, but one day I will have my revenge for all the challenges that I have to go through now.

What does Augustus think of himself! Why should he be giving me orders!

Oh, how I hate him, and all the wretched helpers who surround him.

If he was standing now here, face to face, I would sure punch him, it would turn out at once whether that kind imbecile grimace would stay there on his visage if I go against him.

What the heck is this, I am getting lower again, as if this milieu is denser than the previous one.

My God, how I wish for a warm, sweet-scented bubble bath now.

Of course, I don’t get this, either, I’ve totally got used to the fact that others are constantly rejecting my wishes.

They do not fulfil my most human wishes, either.

But why don’t I deserve a decent guy, who loves me and guards me a little?

I can be longing for that no matter how much, life is full of disappointments, and only such guys are finding me who I constantly have to be disappointed with.

I feel as if I were a convict sentenced to life who cannot hope for any change ever.

Another joggling feeling, and I perceive a change again.

I am very much afraid!

What else can come yet?

What will happen unexpectedly, what frightening experience will be my share yet in this milieu?

How nice it would be to lock myself at home in my room now!

I wouldn’t ever go anywhere.

I would not let even my closest friends enter through the door, either.

Leave me alone, everyone, I want to be alone with myself.

I want to coddle my own fears, lick my wounds!

But here, they don’t even allow me to evoke the security of my own home, because the milieu around me is denser again. My movement is getting slower and slower, it’s harder and harder for me to move.

Suddenly, sadness overcomes me.

It is unbelievable how tragic my life is!

I never succeed in anything, ever, why should I even try.

Unlike others! It’s allowed to them, God loves them, but He’s forgotten about me.

I am not good enough for him, I cannot ever court his favour.

I have lost it all, it’s hopeless that matters will ever work out in my life.

I will never be who I once was, my youth has been lost and with it, the promise of the future.

I am only waiting for my end!

Perhaps I have arrived already, because I fell into a denser milieu with a big thump.

Now I can say totally that God has condemned me for damnation, it is superfluous for me to be hoping for someone to come and help me.

In my desperation, I reach the decision that I give the whole thing up.

It is obvious that I cannot do anything. I close my eyes, and stop throwing my arms about.
My arms, legs, my entire "hardly” material body are floating about limply in nothingness. My head drops backwards.

Abruptly, some force turns me on my belly, and I fall face-first into a milieu denser than the previous one, and if possible, the smell is even more unpleasant than the former one, then it’s that which inundates my nose.

Someone must detest me very much! I’ve always known that the world is wicked, and that I can never expect anything good. All are only caring about themselves, people cannot count on one another.

Daniel as well! How could he be so selfish that he hadn’t told the code of the armour-door but to his brother.

Despite my having done everything for them! I sacrificed my youth, my entire life, I worked with full devotion for their successes, and here you are, that’s all the thanks I get!

If I could be in the laboratory one more time, I swear I would burn all the damned notes, so that they won’t remind me what a fool I was to be working for people who didn’t esteem me, who didn’t honour me with their confidence.

Yet how I loved them, but I think it wasn’t mutual!

Here you are! What I was in wasn’t bad enough, now I’m landing in some newer shit whose stench is really unbearable this time.

It’s so dense and hard that I feel as if I was walled up.

What a shame that I finished my life like this! It is at least good that no one sees me from among my loved ones, because I couldn’t imagine a situation more humiliating than this one.

God despises me and shut me out of the system.

What else can come yet? I hope complete annihilation!

I empty out my thoughts, I don’t want to remember, I don’t want to feel, I want neither to see, nor to hear.
I don’t even want to want, I simply let get lost what has to be lost!

I feel that the end is near, my brain becomes totally dull, I don’t feel my limbs, I don’t have a demand for anyone or anything.

I sink into the big nothingness, I perish.

Then suddenly, glaring light breaks in on me!

My muscles regain their flexibility, I hear as my heart dictates the tempo again to my organism.

The air is fresh and bracing with some tree- and oil scent.

My mind is thirsting for obtaining further knowledge.

I realize that I am sitting in a school desk.

I have no idea how I have got here, but it fills me with joy that I perceive again with all my sensory organs.

Except for the tastes, of course, but I can make up for that, too.

I lick the bench, weeell, it wasn’t a good idea, it is impossible to define the taste, but it is definitely unpleasant.

No problem, at least it’s a taste.

As I look around, we must be about the middle of the twentieth century, at least the style of the furnishings suggests this.

How nice it is that back, I was a member of the Soviet film club for a while, so I remember this design.

Well, yes, oily floor, oil stove, uncomfortable chairs and one-person desks to make copying from one’s neighbour impossible.

Huge black board, white chalks and yellow sponge on the edge.

On the walls around, the portraits of famous physicists are hanging in black-and-white version.

Interesting, all of them are familiar, yet their names do not come to my mind, not even one of them!

Despite my having learnt about every one of them.

I discover a face behind my back to which I can connect a name as well: Einstein is looking down on the class with a big grin, hairs standing in every direction.

The many genial thoughts, his electrifying personality manifest themselves in the consistency of his hair as well.

The door is creaking, someone arrives.

I turn forward and an elderly man steps in through it, suddenly I do not even know who it is I have the honour to meet, but his facial features are very familiar.

I’m John Eccles! ,he says.

Yes, sir!

Let’s drop the titles, my dear, this rank was important on the Earth, it gave me some plus attention, but I didn’t have a demand for it otherwise, here my name will do by which I’ve introduced myself.

Do you know who I am?

Of course! And I recite the definition word by word which can be found in the schoolbook:

"Sir John Eccles, born 1903, died 1997, Australian research physiologist who received (with Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley) the 1963 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of the chemical means by which impulses are communicated or repressed by nerve cells (neurons). He demonstrated that one nerve cell communicates with a neighbouring cell by releasing chemicals into the synapse. (...) He showed that the excitement of a nerve cell by an impulse causes one kind of synapse to release into the neighbouring cell a substance (probably acetylcholine) that expands the pores in nerve membranes. The expanded pores then allow free passage of sodium ions into the neighbouring nerve cell and reverse the polarity of electric charge. This wave of electric charge, which constitutes the nerve impulse, is conducted from one cell to another. In the same way, Eccles found, an excited nerve cell induces another type of synapse to release into the neighbouring cell a substance that promotes outward passage of positively charged potassium ions across the membrane, reinforcing the existing polarity and inhibiting the transmission of an impulse." (Source: www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/177739/Sir-John-Carew-Eccles )

Well, yes, Eccles says slightly embarrassed.

On Earth, it’s still lexical knowledge which is in the first place, they are favouring that instead of complex thinking.
I didn’t address this to you, my dear, it’s just slipped out of my mouth.

I know that YOU are blessed with completeness, you use your brain consciously.

I’m delighted about you, I feel that we’ll get on well with each other.

I am very surprised that, after the terrible thoughts which occurred to me a little while ago, he considers me not only worthy of his speaking with me, but he even regards me as his colleague, this is very honouring.

Is it certain I deserve it?

Hey, hey! , he speaks to me, I hear your thoughts, me, too.

What you’ve gone through a short while ago was necessary.

Each fellow human of yours goes through it before they get their sphere-classification.

What you’ve gone through is an energy field which people have produced with their negative thoughts, negative acts.

In ancient times, when religion taught faith to people, this milieu had not assumed yet so serious proportions.

The guilty confessed their sins, the pastor absolved them in the name of God, and by believing that God had forgiven them, they became capable of forgiving themselves. By confessing, they took responsibility for it, and the minute they forgave to themselves, that energy cleared up.

Unfortunately, nowadays only very few per cent of people take responsibility for their actions in word. It reduces a little the influence of negative energies when the individual goes to a psychologist or psychiatrist and admits that he or she did something badly or thought of something negatively.

But because neither the psychologist, nor the psychiatrist is able to mediate the divine energies, absolution doesn’t happen.

But how about complainers? Then people are enumerating what their problems are.

You don’t see this well, my dear, complaining is the total rejection of personal taking responsibility.

When someone is complaining, she or he is focusing only on the fault, not the solution.

Those who confess, take responsibility for their actions. Those who are complaining, are throwing it on others.

Forgiveness is the highest existing vibration!

The energy of forgiveness purifies negative vibrations and raises them to a higher level.

Unfortunately, the ability to forgive is dying out on Earth.

Heavier and heavier energies are hovering about people because of the negative emotions they themselves have been generating.

Millions of people are tied up hand and foot by their own judgments.

Your fellow humans who work with different healing energies are trying to take these energies off, but they are too few alone to alter them, so it ends up here, it is accumulating, it is piling up.

Soon we will possibly have to create a black hole to destroy it, but it is to be feared that if humanity does not come to its senses, the whole terrestrial system will perish.

But what am I saying, fear is negative energy, too, and I believe that mankind has a future.

That’s why I’m here.

I show to your peers through their dreams they eluded their own life task where and when by their negative emotions.

Which energy you are nourishing depends on which level you are "residing”. They connect themselves to this big receptacle and they’re maintaining their distorted world view right until they meet a person who tips them out of this.

I see you understand it!

If you perceive a situation as frightening, negative, if you have a big, ugly fight with someone, then the natural reaction is that you do your best to forget the case.

Forgetting it isn’t identical with the states of letting it go, with understanding it.

The negative emotions end up in the subconscious, and despite your conscious ego not remembering them anymore, these feelings are demanding room for themselves by attracting events continually with which they are coming to the surface again and again.

The many esoteric trends can handle the current problem, but the negative events are recurring.

Most give up that something will ever change.

The marrow is that the point has to be found when the individual connected him- or herself to the particular level for the first time.


If I say examples, you’ll understand it I think.

Before that, however, I’ll tell you how you can influence your fate.

You brain is emitting waves during the night.

Certain fellow men of yours are receiving these waves and in the waking state, they’ll behave according to what word your brain has sent to them during the night.

Certainly, but what did your brain send as a message? Just what you’re suppressing in the waking state.

For example, if someone is afraid, without verbalizing it, that his or her partner will cheat on them, then their partner’s brain will receive the waves, and because the brain cannot distinguish one emotion from another and is working only with information, then if the suggestion is, "(s)he will cheat on me, (s)he will cheat on me”, then they’ll experience it as a command and will automatically carry it out.

But look at your classmates’ example!


Sorry! I forgot that you perceive only your dimension, even though the classroom is full, believe me.

Here, now there’re altogether 16 dimensions.

You people ‒ I could say, we, since me, too, I was one as well, but I’ve got back my previous abilities, you perceive only 3 dimensions.

Here, too, only so many, but which three depends on which energy domain you’re moving about the most during terrestrial existence.

So, if You perceive the scope of 1-2-3, then the one who is on 5-6-7, or in the combination of any other three, then you don’t perceive them at all.

If at least one of your dimensions are adjacent, then you feel that there’s some strong energy next to you, if at least 2 of your dimensions meet, then you take his- her thoughts, feelings over.


I mustn’t say more about this to you now, you haven’t reached the level yet where this knowledge will open up to you.

For the time being, let’s look at the terrestrial examples.

On the left, a lady is sitting who on Earth, let the energy of SHAME flow.
She felt that her fate was miserable, pitiable. She believed that God despised her. She was always humiliated, shut out.

It cost her much work ‒ and her own guardian angel was grinding a lot for that, too ‒ that she could become a famous writer, but before that…

Look at that.

All of a sudden, as on a screen, a film appears before me.

Yes, now I already see the woman as well, she has blonde, curly hair. She is of a little rounder build.

I see how certain publishers, without casting a glance at her book, are treating her in an off-hand manner, what contempt they are showing towards her.

Later, fate brings her together with a very rich man, who wants to shoot a film based on her book, before the contract would have been signed, the man dies of a heart attack and his heirs do not even want to hear about the planned project.

It was very embarrassing to explain to the acquaintances who were waiting for the emission in the time given in the program paper, where the announced curiosity has got to?

Then a TV channel notices the woman’s intelligence. The papers announce the program about several different interesting topics based on the woman’s stories, but 5 days before the broadcast the channel goes bankrupt and the material doesn’t go on air.

When she had got a valid contract at last with a publisher, then the wife of the owner of the publishing house takes the book under her care. The book would have had to come out in September, but during the summer, the man picked up a woman and they separated, he and his wife.

The wife stated why she should care about the book, her husband is the publisher.

The man stated, why he should care about the book, it had been his wife who had signed the contract…

So pitiable a life, shame, humiliation and exclusion everywhere.

It took a long time for her to understand that she could blame only herself for her fate, since she got back what she was radiating into the world by her fears, by her low self-esteem.

She made it, she has become world-famous in the end, she’s here only because everyone must pass this class to the end.

Then all I was feeling during the tumbling were not my feelings, but it was the energy which generated them through which I was just passing through at the time?

I see you start to understand it, look at the next level, which is GUILT.

Well, this is the level most lock themselves in in Europe.

The lot of wars during the millenniums led to the view that the world is evil, the people are blaming one another continuously and they constantly want to ruin what others have built.
Poor politicians! Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t want to feel sorry for them, only make you understand that it’s difficult to create a beautiful new world when 80 per cent of the population are full of abhorrence and want to destroy.


I see the inside of a tram, I am trying to concentrate on which monuments I am seeing, where we can be.

We’re in Budapest, Eccles says, but I can switch to somewhere else, too, you’d hear the same in almost every European city.

I cannot make their words out exactly, it is rather my senses which comprehend what it is about.

The people are reviling the politicians, the new government, while they state that the old one wasn’t better, either. At least they agree in that none of the politicians will bring something good, everyone is bringing grist to their own mill. A new government always annihilates the decrees of the previous government.

John is right. It must be difficult to create something new where people are seeing only the evilness in others.

I am not even surprised if things always get worse in the end if they are expecting to be ripped off from each other.

It doesn’t matter which party is in the leader position, if at least half of the country is rooting for their downfall, the leadership will indeed fail.
In the energy of constant calling to account, blaming, complaining any kind of good will drown right in the bud.

But even the hymn of Hungarians starts, "God, bless the Hungarian”.

Perhaps the Hungarian people see even God as wicked?

Then they shouldn’t even require positive changes.

Yes, Eccles says, the dissolution of the "Big Hungary” was inevitable, since the Hungarians’ destructive energies had been influencing subconsciously the events of Europe already centuries before.

It was important that in the parts of the country broken away, the Hungarians would refresh their negative thinking with mixed marriages, but sadly, this plan of God hadn’t turned out to be successful so far.

Let’s see the next level, this is APATHY.

Who is on this level, believes that he-she has been doomed to damnation, they see life hopeless, and the constant despair results in their finally giving up.

From this level, there’s no one here now, but you get the gist.

Usually, those get into the captivity of this energy who wanted to show the world so much, so very much what they are worth, that somehow they haven’t managed to. The intellectual layer ends up in this trap when they believe that the higher training lifts them automatically to a higher level, but in the end, they have to give up their convictions if they want to change their fate.

It’s very difficult to help them, since they cannot believe in anyone and anything anymore, they give up all tries in advance.

The next level is GRIEF.

It’s there probably because during the past 600 years a part of those who arrived to the continent were continuously sorrowing over the fact they had to leave their home country, they were mourning for the things of old days.

The original inhabitants lived in harmony with the spirits of nature for thousands of years, but when the white man dashed at them, he brought his negative thoughts, limits with him.

Native Americans are grieving for their old way of life, grieving for their lands, their freedom and the white man’s cruelty with which he is treating nature.

The not-processed emotions have been passed on through generations, so more than half of the population of the American continent are living their life on this level.

They’re contemptuous, disdainful towards the old continent, the Indians are looking down on the white, the white on the Indians. They see fate as tragic, they are constantly regretting, and they see future as hopeless.

Is this true for me as well, I ask? My future is hopeless as well?

Hey, hey, what are you doing? If you were hopeless, you wouldn’t have had received permission to go through your way.

Don’t be afraid because fear binds you to the next level.

More and more people have some kind of a phobia, because their subconscious is sending the message into the world during the night that life is threatening, frightening, they’re constantly fearing that God will punish them for some supposedly bad action they’ve done, they’re constantly anxious because of that and they rather retire from life for fear of doing something wrong instead of enjoying life freely.

By the way, these levels were created genially by colleague D.R. Hawkins. I think you’ll meet him in the higher spheres.

There were levels until then, too, but people weren’t so complicated when they believed yet.

It was necessary to create this new system so that people will understand their own faulty mode of operation.

With this system, everyone can understand at last that it’s exclusively him or her who is responsible for her or his own fate.

The well-planned life task is in vain what the astrological chart or numerological calculations suggest as well, it’s possible even to cut genetically inherited distorted behavioural patterns out, but only few systems are able to unbind these delicacies taken on willingly, these individually encoded challenges.

As far as I know, on Earth there’s a doctor who happens to be an American citizen and who dedicated his life to further develop this system, and what is more, he can even give help for the moving out of the particular field, but it is you who has to find out who he is, let’s give some challenge to you here as well.

Poor me! I haven’t even accomplished this task yet and they are entrusting already another one to me!
Without help I won’t be able to do this?

John, seeing my brooding expression, takes pity on me.

I’ll help you a bit, he says with an understanding face, listen!

I hear Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder’s song, and precisely the following words:

"Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony..."

Then, as fast as it came, the musical piece stops abruptly.

The words would give me a special type of help I suppose, but what it was for?

It is indeed a wonder! I have to find someone based on a tune on a vast continent.

It doesn’t matter, it will be beautiful to win from this position!

As if John had winked at me, well okay, at least he knows who the person is.

Why do you believe that God denies you help?

Those have this thought usually who’ve been stuck on the level of desire!

Oops, I get it now, You’ve ended up here because of your desire!


You felt that life was disillusioning without Daniel and David, you were yearning for the code, and the thought enthralled you that you can get what you want only if you yourself take the lead.

You believed that the world would deny you help.

Because of you fear that your work would perish, your brain got switched apart, you lost your faith and your clearsightedness.

If you pray without faith, we can’t help you.

If during meditation, a desire is keeping you captive, if you are continuously "wanting” and don’t let things happen, you’re spending hours sitting cross-legged with eyes caught up in vain!

You won’t see anything, at the maximum, what your fear-oriented left-brain hemisphere makes up.

Meditation is good only if you can switch thoughts out!

The speeding thoughts are evoking a whole range of emotions which are projecting merely pictures which don’t serve your good.

What else!

They’re further complicating the situation!

And as far as meditation is concerned, not length is what matters but quality!

You can recharge yourself even in 1 minute when you can become immersed!


I tell you a simple example: you go into the sea. You submerge in the foam, immerse under the water, you have a sunbather on your back, you swim on your back, you practice dolphin-swimming.

2 hours later I go in for you, I submerge in the water and pull you out to the shore.

Which one of us will be wetter when come out?

You see, it’s not the time passed there what matters, but the proper submersion.
Unfortunately, as I said, you fell in the trap of believing that if you’re wishing for something strongly, you’ll get it.

Excuse me, but until here I believed that wishing was something is good!

It gives strength and inspiration.

Then I shouldn’t even have desires?

Desire in itself isn’t a problem, the problem comes when the desire totally overcomes your thoughts and makes you obsessed.

Nothing else matters, only that single thought, idea has to manifest, and meanwhile, life passes by the individual.

He or she doesn’t care about their loved ones, their work, their health, because their desire had taken them captive entirely.

Now I tell you a harder example!

Look at the terrorists.

Only one thought is ruling their mind, destruction.

One can divert them from this intention neither with fine words, nor with a loving wife, child, nor with a social position.

They’re living a pretend-life, but in their mind, they’re constantly weaving plans about how they should pounce upon humanity.

Then I am a terrorist now?

The situation is not that dangerous! The previous example was an extreme situation.

With you, the situation was only that you didn’t believe in that Daniel had arranged everything.

You knew very well how genial a mind he is, he had taken care of everything, calculating every possibility in.

By the way, your situation is indeed special, because one cannot say about you, either, that you didn’t believe.

Your faith in the Creator, that He would help you out of this situation, has been unprecedented so far.

It’s people you don’t believe in, unfortunately!

This is what causes most of your problems, and that’s why you don’t let men close.

I’m sure that when you return from here, many things will change around you.

You believed that the people and the Universe deny you your desires.

Now you can see that it is not so.

I know that you’d hurry on, but there’re still 2 levels which we have to discuss.

Here, time is relative anyway, don’t be afraid for a moment, you don’t lose anything.

The next emotional prison which is important for me to show you is ANGER.

This energy is nourishing the bigger part of Asia.

Revenge, constant defiant resistance, abhorrence and aggression.

Look how aggressively the peoples there are treating women, and with what abhorrence they’re talking with one another. Even normal, everyday speech is so that you believe that they’re scolding one another.

Well, it is because of this energy, this is what is nourishing their behaviour. Of course, the constant flowing of aggressive energy results in the world’s resisting against them, but this is a trial as well.

To the last level, I don’t even have to say an example, because all the inhabitants of all the spheres of this atmospheric circle were staying actually on this level during their terrestrial existence.

They’re arrogant, self-conceited and overbearing.

They were indifferent about God’s existence and were indifferent towards their fellow men.

They needed the others only to have someone to look down on, someone to despise. They constantly kept demanding this and that.

You could see, most naturopaths, spiritual grandmasters are living their life on this level.

They keep demanding this and that, they require respect.

For that matter, their presence is necessary.

The people who are on the level of Guilt, Shame, wouldn’t understand if someone turned towards them with love, with acceptance. The difference between the levels is too big.

However, they’re able to hear the self-conceited healers, they can look up to them, they understand and accept them.

This is why those spiritual leaders who heal from the level of Pride are more famous, more successful, because it’s difficult to take in the higher vibration right away.

But I think this was enough, for me, you’ve passed the test ‒ you’ve been listening to me rather intelligently, and that’s already good.

You weren’t protesting, you didn’t feel guilt, you didn’t judge, so I condemn you to courage.


Courage is the energy which gets you to the higher levels.

God allowed you to realize your plans.

Here, in the higher spheres, we had said yes to the option of your impossible mission, and we had got the authorization to help your way.

Now, it’s time for you to wake up!

Wake up? Where should I wake up, what he said about the dimensions?

Suddenly, a concentrated scent of rose fills my consciousness.

The celestial scent is dazing and vitalizing!

Where is it inviting me mysteriously I wonder?

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