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Lea Kajkó

Tel.: +36 20 599 9880

The phone number serves only for asking for an appointment, I can accept it only in SMS! Begin your message with the sign * !

I do NOT OFFER "emotional counseling service" on the phone!!!

In e-mail, it is possible to inquire about other topics, but I do not answer personal questions or give advice there, either, except in the case of my regular clients.

E-mail: lea@leas.ws
To ask for an appointment:

The angels fixed the price of my mediumwork at 25-30 thousand Forint. I ask for 18000 Forint.
The price of release sessions and other treatments is 9 thousand Forint in person, 12 thousand forint on Skype.

In Slovakia, medium-writing costs 56 Euros and the stress release session 30 Euros.

In Romania, accordingly, a stress release-mind acupuncture session costs 100 Lej, medium-writing is 150 Lej.

Through Skype, the benchmark for the prices of other countries is the sums given in Forints on this page, the sum in Forint converted to the currency of the particular country.

In Budapest, I always stay during the middle 2 weeks of every month, and I see my clients in the 3rd district near Vörösvári út. (I give the precise address after we have fixed an appointment.

I can only take on 1 medium-writing per day, but several stress release sessions.

One can ask for a session for 10, 11 or 14, 15, 16 or 17 o’clock.

I work on Saturday as well.

In Slovakia, I work in Torna, TurnanadBodvou in street Severná-Észak.

The hours are similar to those in Budapest.

In the case of other countries, there is neither a particular place, nor a usual time when I am staying there, it always depends on what we agree upon.

If you would like to get an invoice, tell me in advance, please, already when you ask for an appointment.

If you offer my fee as a donation, I cannot give you an invoice about it afterwards.

I work a lot with challenged people, who cannot pay, the donations are necessary for me to cover at least my travel expenses, the tool kit, equipment.

The price of flat-cleansing depends on the size of the particular area and how difficult it is to cleanse it, the base sum is 20 thousand Forints plus the travel expenses.

This is valid for those in the first place who have already been to me for treatments, for the others, the base fee is 30 thousand Forints.

Usually, the maximum price of flat-cleansing is about 50 thousand Forint.

In Slovakia, from 50 Euro, to 80 Euro at the highest.

The price of further treatments depends on how difficult the treatment is.
It is me who decides this, it is not negotiable!!!

In every case when you really ask for the angels’ help, but you do not pay the entire sum to me, please, give the rest of the sum to a charity.

I leave it up to your conscience whether you do so. Do not forget, you get as much help as much energy you invest!

If someone, shall we say, sends me an e-mail the same time in the morning every day for 3 years, then the angels will possibly demand that I reply to his-her questions and if so, she-he will get the answers.

The 3 years can be sped up if she-he sends me one hundred letters by post written by hand within one month, in this case, he-she will probably work off the price of the treatment.

In my humble opinion, paying in cash may still be the most optimal solution, but everyone can decide it her- or himself.

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