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For many, dressing is an everyday nuisance, and they choose their articles of clothing primarily according to their functionality, accommodating to weather conditions, possibly paying attention to the circumstances, events which the person will have to endure during the day.

That dressing can be a source of joy as well, an activity of pleasure, and that with a successful composition, we can produce even an artistic effect, only very few can believe, and even fewer are those who can apply their everyday clothing with such efficiency.

According to certain people, being well-dressed is a question of money or good taste, and it is the privilege of only a few.

Many think that it is branded products which are to ensure that someone is well-dressed, but there are a lot of people who do not look good even in trademarked clothing, and there are a good many people who are elegant even in “Chinese” garments.

According to certain people, the most crucial criterion of elegance is being dressed always according to the latest fashion, regardless of one’s age and body type. Unfortunately, many make this mistake, even celebrities are not an exception, and wear garments entirely unsuitable for their physique. Photographers of the yellow press take enormous delight in photographing those stars who, in their clothing worn in everyday life, have the appearance of a homeless or a run-down prostitute.

What is the criterion for being well-dressed?

Why is it that there are who look good even in a sack, irrespectively of their build, while certain others make the impression of being under-dressed even in the most tasteful dressing composition?

Everything depends on the overall image, on the harmonious interaction, inter-relation between the person and her-his clothes.

If it is indifferent to the person what effect his-her presence has on their environment, if they cannot fit in, more precisely, they want to be in harmony with their environment neither consciously, nor subconsciously, they can put anything on, they will always stick out like a sore thumb.

It does not matter at all whether they do, feel, believe this because they think that they do not deserve others’ recognition, or perhaps because they look down upon their entourage, the circulation of lower vibrations will appear in their dressing spectacularly.

When someone is all right with her-himself, when they know what they wish for, what it is they would like to give, they feel good in their skin, then they will be able to put on any kind of articles, they will always look good.

Our mood influences our choice of clothing, between the clothing and its wearer, an interplay comes to life all the time.

It is clear that the effect is mutual, therefore it is not only that our mood influences our choice, but the article of clothing can affect our mood as well.

Let us just think of how it affects us when we catch sight of a group whose members are wearing mourning clothing, or the clown-doctors, or a SWAT team, they do nothing, but thanks to their clothing, a memory flashes in at once, we associate to, tune into a feeling.

If we choose our clothing consciously, then we can influence our feelings, our sense of comfort, and we can also express what we expect from or what we would like to give to our fellow men. The part below the waist is the domain of desires. It is there that we sense hunger, excitement, fear, the sexual desire. Subconsciously, we choose our skirts, trousers in a way so that we communicate to the world what we need. A lady wearing a bell skirt wishes to be looked after and look after someone. Trousers with a hanging butt part circulate Jovian energy, and their wearer wishes simply to be accepted by others without any criticism or quip. Trousers made of leather are always calling attention to the person’s sexual dominance.

Above the waist, we always show what we want to give from our heart, with our words, even with our hands. Those whose clothing is highlighted at the waist, give their leadership into the common, buggy sleeves or a highlight of the breasts, indicate the Moon, acceptance. The V neckline indicates Martian energy, masculinity to the outside world, and so on.

“Fashion by Planets” shows in detail when it is advisable to wear what, what it is which is in harmony with our message, what highlights our gifts, and here, I do not mean physical gifts in the first place.

An entirely new trend, which helps us get to know and express our wants. Dressing can become a tool for self-knowledge and self-development.

My aim is that dressing not be solely an aesthetic phenomenon, but a life-form, which is available to everyone.

I always say that “Those need fashion who do not have a character, and who need others to tell them what to wear”.

I respect free will in this field as well, I do not tell anyone what to wear, but help one discover what they feel good in and why, with what they can express their wants to the world better.

An exciting game of self-knowledge, in which everyone will take a liking to expanding their garderobe.

Fashion trends continue to be important, fortunately, they are not the same, they are variable anyway, therefore the system is also able to customize, update the then topical fashion for each individual.

Hopefully, thanks to the program, we will see more and more people who are good to look at, who are in harmony, and who will make our day positive by the mere fact that we could see them for a moment.

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